Conference Highlights

  • Remote Research Facilities
  • Field Trip Discussions
  • Predator Managerment
  • Conference Networking
  • Ungulate Management
  • Payment for Conservation Services
  • World Issues
  • Pig Management
  • Birds of a Feather Sessions

Scenes from Recent Congress Planning Trip in Estes Park

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  • Help rural and urban persons to want wildlife
  • Collaborate across landscapes and jurisdictions
  • Prevent and mitigate invasive species, diseases and conflicts between humans and wildlife
  • Use legislation and policy that encourages endangered species, tourism, hunting, business enterprises, and other human and landscape outcomes
  • Act thoughtfully about energy developments, climate change, human footprints, and solutions
  • Organize, administer, and use Land Trusts or other payments for environmental services
  • Use appropriate Urban, X-Urban, and Rural land and wildlife planning, development, and management
  • Form and lead local to international Wildlife Associations
  • Practice appropriate ethics toward wildlife, land and people
  • Learn from management systems and techniques around the world
  • Engage NGOs and businesses to fund & implement conservation
  • Educate future leaders and managers for private and communal management
  • Learn the business of conservation
  • Release the spirit and strategies of thoughtful wildlife and nature conservation

Jed’s Corner

Watch Jed, the Mountain Man, for a fun look at the Congress, activities and issues near the venue, and history of the region.

Enjoy the Great Colorado Outdoors with 5 Field Trip Opportunities

  • Blue Valley Ranch Field Trip
  • MacGregor Ranch Field Trip
  • Conservation Fly Over Field Trip
  • Elk Viewing
  • Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Field Trip